Mirsad Čaušević

Mirsad /Musana/ Čaušević
Born on May 26, 1955
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Basic education Sarajevo
  • SS Second Gymnasium Sarajevo
  • VSS Faculty of Civil Engineering (geodetics major) Sarajevo
  • IBM School Center programming/projecting of information systems

Work experience

  • RGU (Republican Geodetic Administration) Design of cadastral information system.
  • Institute for Construction of the City of Sarajevo analysis, implementation and maintenance of underground installations of the city of Sarajevo.
  • BH Telecom Accounting Center programming and designing PTT information systems


  • Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina Head of intelligence administration of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • MFA Deputy/Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs

     Postwar period (USA)

  • Disclosure corp, programming and design of information financial systems EDGAR, PATROL, etc.
  • Primark corp, Implementation of monitoring/management system globally (Complete Company Infrastructure) Patrol.
  • Thomson Financial corp, Implementation of Monitoring/Management System globally (Complete Company Infrastructure) Fresh water.

Business (director and founder)

  • ABA Net LLC USA,
  • AIR ABA DD Sarajevo,
  • ABA Tel DOO Serbia


Mirsad Čaušević