President of the Assembly

Dr. Tarik Kurbegovic

Dr. Tarik Kurbegović was born in 1978 in Sarajevo.

He defended his doctoral dissertation in the field of capital markets at the Faculty of Economics in Vienna in 2011, thereby earning the title of Doctor of Economic Sciences. He is one of the few doctors of economic sciences on the active capital market in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He completed his post-graduate studies, majoring in business economics, at the Faculty of Economics in Vienna in 2004 and obtained the title of Master of Economic Sciences, specializing in the areas of "Capital Market and Economic History".

He also completed his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics in Vienna, with the title of graduate economist.

Dr. Kurbegić is also an authorized broker and investment advisor, for which he obtained his license by passing the aforementioned professional exams at the FBiH Securities Commission. Also, among the many diplomas is the one about passing the state exam for higher professional education for the purpose of holding managerial positions in the public sector.

He received his high school education in Turkey, where he moved at a very young age, after completing the second grade of the II Gymnasium, and successfully graduated from "Fatih" College in Istanbul.

It is actively used in three world languages: English, German and Turkish.

Work experience of dr. Kurbegović's background is as rich as his education. He built a successful career through a series of management positions in several domestic and foreign companies, was a member of the audit committee, supervisory board, management board in the public sector, president of the Association of Professional Securities Brokers, and a member of the Stock Exchange Commission.

Expertise and professionalism, as well as commitment to the capital market, resulted in his appointment to the position he holds now.

Tarik Kurbegovic